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Securing A Parking Lot During The Night

Did several of your customers get their vehicles broken into during the night when they were shopping inside of your store? If you are ready to provide more security for your customer's vehicles that are left in your parking lot while they shop, there are a few things that you should consider doing. You want to make your parking lot appear too risky for criminals to even think about trying to burglarize the vehicles that are parked in it. Installing surveillance cameras can be useful for getting a look at the culprits when the actual crimes are committed, but might not be sufficient enough to prevent such crimes. Take a look at this article to get a general idea of how you can put an end to the vehicles being burglarized.

Hire Someone to Patrol the Parking Light During the Night

The best security investment that you can make for the exterior of your store is to hire someone to patrol the parking lot. You might want to hire an actual security guard that has undergone the proper type of training for the job. There will be the option of hiring an armed or unarmed security guard, so base it on the criminal reputation of the area that your store is located in. Make sure your security guard is required to wear a uniform that makes it noticeable what his or her position is. The uniform can be intimidating to potential burglars and deter them away from your store.

Invest in a Truck for Your Security Guard to Use

Purchase a patrol vehicle that your security guard can use, such as a large pickup truck. The reason why a large truck is ideal for providing parking lot security is because it will be more visible while being driven around the parking lot. Your security guard will also see a wider range of the parking lot from inside of the truck. Just make sure that the person that is hired for patrolling the parking lot is properly licensed to drive the truck.

Purchase Off Road LED Light Bars for the Patrol Vehicle

After you have purchase a truck for parking lot security, you should consider investing in a few off-road LED light bars. The light bars will come in handy for helping your security guard see everything that is happening in the parking lot when necessary. For instance, if he or she notices suspicious activity, the lights can be turned on for a better view. Purchase lights that can be installed on the roof and grill of the patrol truck.