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Don't Overlook These Important Signs That You Need A New Car Battery Installed

Dead automotive batteries are one of the most common reasons for vehicle breakdowns. It is not uncommon for a failing battery issue to be misdiagnosed by a driver or well-meaning friend. Most batteries have estimated life spans, which are established by manufacturers. The estimates are usually close to accurate, but it is possible for a battery to malfunction prematurely. If it is under warranty, a free replacement will likely be extended. Most of the time, a failing battery will show subtle signs that something is amiss. The following points identify telltale signs that it is time for a new car battery installation. 

Excessive Corrosion

It is important to note that automotive battery corrosion does not look like rust or metal corrosion. A battery that is corroded will have a light-colored powdery substance on and near the terminals. It is the result of battery acid making contact with the metal posts. Corrosion is a normal occurrence. However, if an excessive amount forms on the terminals, it is indicative of a failing battery. This is particularly true if the substance gets cleaned from the terminals and reoccurs a short time later. This issue may also present itself with a peculiar odor that is akin to rotten eggs. 

Difficulties Starting Vehicle

Drivers expect their vehicles to turn on when they turn the ignition. Vehicles with faulty batteries may hesitate or be slow to turn on. Individuals might have to do things such as repeatedly pushing the gas pedal to get their vehicles to start. An automotive battery that is on the verge of failure may also have issues performing in cold temperatures. Individuals may experience stalled vehicles in frigid temperatures, and they may need to get jump starts from other vehicles.

Electrical Issues

Many modern-day vehicles are equipped with electric features, such as power windows, power locks, and daytime running lamps. If these features stop working, it may be an issue related to the battery issue. This can be determined by testing the battery and performing other diagnostic tests.  

Dashboard Light Warnings

The dashboards of most cars have backlit icons. The icons for "check engine" and "battery" might be illuminated if there is a battery-related issue. 

An automotive repair shop is a good resource to use to determine the health of automotive batteries. They have special equipment that can test batteries and determine if there are dead cells present. These shops also have solutions and equipment that can revive dead cells and recharge batteries.

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