Heading Out With A Horse Trailer? Use These Tips

After owning a horse for some time, you may want to travel with the animal to shows, tracks, and other places. You may be somewhat apprehensive about taking your horse out in a trailer, but if you use the following guidance, you should be able to make the trip comfortable and safe for you and your horse. Practice Stopping First Because you have never driven a vehicle carrying a horse trailer in the back, you may not understand how important it is to give yourself enough room to brake safely.

Securing A Parking Lot During The Night

Did several of your customers get their vehicles broken into during the night when they were shopping inside of your store? If you are ready to provide more security for your customer's vehicles that are left in your parking lot while they shop, there are a few things that you should consider doing. You want to make your parking lot appear too risky for criminals to even think about trying to burglarize the vehicles that are parked in it.

How To Select A New Ring And Pinion For Your Custom Car Or Truck

The ring and pinion gear located in the rear end housing of your car or truck has a single purpose, yet there are so many variations and ratios to be considered when building a car or truck with a specific purpose. In most cases, the ring and pinion gear is not something that wears out or requires replacement on a regular basis but there are some times when you will need to select a gear set for your car or truck to optimize performance.

3 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain As A Truck Driver

When you're a semi truck driver, it can be easy to pack on the pounds. After all, you might spend a good part of your day sitting down in your truck while you're on the road, and you might also eat a lot of fast food meals when you're away from home. Fortunately, it is possible to make a few different changes that can help you keep your weight under control as a truck driver.